We are a group of professionals who our main aim is to improve the current structure and operations of Pitbulls. We will do this by interacting with other professionals with specialised services and training. 
>>> Please note that we have broken ties with the vet that was working with us due to unforseen circumstances. The matter has been reported for action. <<<
It has come to our attention that this specific Doctor, has been bad mouthing us, as a group with defamation and slander all over and with various organisations. We are publicly informing her now that she must cease with these lies and deceit. This Doctor has Nothing to do with Grewar Foundation Pty Ltd, or with PBSVUSA NPC. And this can be verified with Cipro/CIPC directly. So if anyone gets any calls or statements stating differently please contact us directly. 

We are working together with TitonArc who will be doing the Educational Platform with us. Shane Cooper has been in the industry working with all types of Pitbulls for more than 30 Years. He already has multiple structures in place all over South Africa ready to start this education platform. Many others are only working on the absolute basics with not much facilities available. But with TitonArc, you will find that their training structure is designed for the man on the street. We are there to ensure that the situation in South Africa, is improved. And doing this, is to get the right information out on the Educational Platforms.

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